Why You Should Use Fragrance-Free Beauty Products

Whether you have sensitive skin or are just someone who’s conscious about what you apply to your face and body, you might be considering opting for fragrance-free beauty products. In recent years, there has been a lot of focus on choosing additive and fragrance-free beauty products and that’s for a lot of reasons.

What is its Purpose?

In general, fragrances are added to beauty products with the intent of lending them a luxurious feel. The scent is meant to create a positive and luxurious experience and is not a utility in skincare at all.

This is exactly why some brands aim at creating a custom scent for all their products, it adds in a marketing appeal.

Sometimes, fragrance is added to mask the smell of certain strong, unappealing ingredients too.

Why is it Bad for your Skin?

Believe it or not, the very first negative impact scented skincare and beauty products have on you is that they send your senses into overdrive. Scented products can be mildly irritating to many, and can trigger headaches, sneezing, runny nose and more. Fragrances, when added to products that are to be applied topically, can prove to be an irritant.

What Does it Really Do?

Apart from irritating your skin, these synthetic fragrances can also lead to certain health concerns. These are often derived from petrochemicals and can, at times, trigger asthma flare-ups, cause nausea, lead to allergic skin reactions, rashes and redness to people with sensitive skin.

Some medical journals also report respiratory issues, hormonal imbalance and mood swings with anxiety in individuals who use fragranced skincare and beauty products. Regardless of whether or not you have sensitive skin, beauty products with added synthetic fragrances can prove to be extremely harmful and toxic.

In addition, since it is an ingredient that irritates your skin, it can also lead to an increase in the appearance of dark spots and fine lines and make it more prone to sun damage.

Which Fragrance Ingredients are Bad?

Artificial and synthetic fragrances are added to beauty products under many different names. You’ll find them listed as an ingredient under the name ‘parfum’ or ‘fragrance’ and sometimes citronellol, citral, limonene or linalool.

You might find it shocking, but a lot of beauty products that are super popular today, contain 50-100 different chemicals in varying proportions to make up the signature scent.

What is Natural?

Natural fragrances are extracted from naturally occurring ingredients like flowers and fruits through the processes of distillation, cold pressing and fermentation. These may sometimes be accompanied with other synthetic fragrances as well.

What fragrance does Asyva contain?

Asyva are 100% vegan, water-free, fragrance and preservative-free beauty products. Our ingredients are 100% natural, cold-pressed and whenever possible organic, food-grade oils grown and sourced in Europe. You will always know what you put on your skin, no hidden ingredients. With no added fragrance or essential oils, they are neutral, universal blends to be enjoyed by both women and men. With absolutely no hidden, artificial or synthetic chemicals, our skincare is free from anything that would dilute the nutrient-rich and skin-enhancing benefits of the plant-based ingredients we use. We believe that less, but using the very best, really is more.

Why You Should Use Fragrance-Free Beauty Products. There is a lot of focus on choosing additive and fragrance-free beauty products

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