Ahiflower®: Uncovering the Miracle

Whether you’re a health enthusiast or just someone who loves natural skincare, you will be aware omega fatty acids play a crucial role when it comes to both of them. Over the years, experts have pointed out and stressed upon the use and intake of food sources of omega fatty acids, and a lot of them have also been added to beauty and skincare products.

One such extremely valuable source of omega fatty acids is Ahiflower®, and if you’ve never heard about it, here’s a little something to get you a glimpse into how powerful it really is.

a close up of single ahiflower

What is Ahiflower?

Ahiflower® is a naturally wild crop that is now grown by farmers in the United Kingdom for commercial purposes. The seeds obtained from each bloom are pressed in order to extract from them an oil that is packed with omega-rich fatty acids, much higher than that obtained from any other seed oil.

Ahiflower® Seed Oil, being chock full of nutrients and valuable chemicals, has actually been in use in herbal medicine since 1597. Today, its nutrient profile makes it an extremely effective and sustainable crop choice for farmers.

Nature’s Crops Refined AHIFLOWER® Seed Oil, in particular, is crafted using carefully selected varieties of the Ahiflower, which is then processed using a high-quality control system and under strict UK environmental regulations to ensure that the end product meets all the purity, efficacy, safety, authenticity and sustainability standards.

What I love about it is the fact that it is made in conjunction with a group of elite independent farmers who are passionate about preserving the ecosystem of the ocean and cultivating sustainable crops.

ahiflower seeds

How Does Ahiflower Help?

Being one of the most biologically advanced sources of omega fatty acids than virtually any other plant source, Ahiflower® Seed Oil has many uses and applications. In fact, it has been found to offer the combined health benefits of taking flaxseed, evening primrose and fish oils, all of that in a single plant. Perfect for those living a vegetarian or vegan lifestyle.

Plus, it also contains GLA (gamma-linoleic acid), which is an important omega 6 fatty acid that has been found to help improve skin health and hormonal health and also packs in anti-inflammatory benefits.

It is currently also the richest plant source of omega 3 fatty acids (sitting at 18-20%). This is why it can prove to be of great help for those suffering from immune system disorders and cardiovascular health conditions. Omega 3 fatty acids have also been known to improve cognition, joint and skin health.

In addition, both these fatty acids have tremendous benefits for the skin, when applied topically, especially when it comes to anti-ageing and anti-inflammatory action.

Asyva skincare ahiflower facial serum

What products can I find Ahiflower?

I am very proud to be one of the first skincare companies to be using Ahiflower® and have it in my facial serum.

A highly concentrated, luxurious skin-plumping serum and powerful blend of 10 precious botanical oils made with fast-absorbing oils, Phyto-Squalane and botanical extracts. Creating a perfect balance of phytonutrients and beneficial fatty acids. This night serum can be used on its own or in combination with your favourite ASYVA facial oil.

This lightweight, silky, and ultra-nourishing organic serum is an anti-ageing powerhouse. It’s packed with anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory rich oils like organic Plum Kernel Oil, Ahiflower® seed oil, Phyto-Squalane, organic Pomegranate and organic Sea Buckthorn Extract. A powerful treatment for the face softens, smoothes and tones the skin.

Being one of the most biologically advanced sources of omega fatty acids than virtually any other plant source, Ahiflower® has many uses and applications

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